What Is The Point Of An Electric Bicycle?

Some of you might be surp¬rised to discover that the electric motor is a far older invention than the internal combustion motor that powers the majority of cars on the road today. The technology was already in an advanced stage when the petrol powered motor exploded onto the scene, and pushed the electric motor into the shadows. The main problem back then was a suitable storage area for the electricity, and with recent developments in batteries, mainly spurred on by the desire for widespread electric powered cars, the electric bicycle is ready to take the world by storm.

An electric bike is surprisingly similar underneath to a conventional bike. The same handlebars, chain, gears and brakes can be seen on either, but the e-bike has a few nifty little add-ons. A motor sits on the rear hub, the battery perching on the rear carrier rack. With this basic addition, the battery can help you do some of the harder work, while still allowing you to ride it like a conventional bicycle.

There are many easily identifiable benefits of getting an electric bike. Those previously daunting hills can be conquered with ease. When you are getting to the end of your ride, and are getting tired, you can raise the assistance level to make it more bearable. And of course, there is the economical side as well. With petrol prices constantly rising, especially with the recent Middle East unrest, there has never been a better time to cut down on those car journeys. Remember, the only cost the user has to bear is when charging the battery at home.

What, some ask, is the point of a bicycle you don’t have to pedal? Most people do not buy a bike for the sole purpose of exercising. Do the lycra clad cyclists who ride 50 miles at the weekends do that for exercise? Partly yes, but if it was the sole reason, then surely they would rather sit in a gym, and not worry about flat tires, fluctuating weather, or getting hit by a car.

Imagine if other sports started to frown on people trying to use technology to their benefit. People popping down to the golf course would be sneered at for using a buggy, tenpin bowlers would be ridiculed for using the automated scoring system, and car drivers with ABS, traction control and all manner of driver assists would be scorned.

The electric bike’s emergence onto the market has created an incredible opportunity in the bicycle world. They re-open biking to all of those people with fond memories of riding a bike as a kid but view the conventional bike as too daunting when faced with a hill or headwind. The electric bike is about to save the faltering bicycle market, and now is the time to see what an e-bike can do for you.

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It is absolutely true fact that the process of running your small company or business requires your ability to offer different services. For example, owning the right automobiles for your work might appear to be a true be a challenge. But still, in the case you need something of the type you may simply hire services of vans from other firms that lease such automobiles to businesses like yours. Of the other hand nothing stays in your road to the possibility to opt for van leasing on your own.

It is absolutely true fact that these days you have an absolute freedom of selecting the right size for your desires in this option. Many firms and businesses that offer van leasing services that can provide you with the right amount for your work. All opportunities are available for you.

It is true that finding a relevant automobile leasing company mat seem to be quite a difficult task. This is true due to the fact that there are many companies available. So you are sure to have the advantage of selecting the leasing company that offers you cheap services that will not cause any unpredictable harm to your business development for your firm. Indeed, you can get the most beneficial solution to deals if you do a little bit of comparison and make your final choice carefully.

You should generally consider the items of comparison when you are searching for the best van leasing solution to for your business purposes. The fees of vehicle leasing may be pretty low, but without making attentive comparisons in other companies you are hardly to hire some relevant deals. Maintenance fees for the van are a part of the leasing deal. Hiring fees can be lower but at the same time this rate can make it a pretty costly thing for your needs. The van model used for automobile lease should also be of your concern because the relevant quality and ability of these automobiles considerably differ. It is therefore very vital to compare all these before making your inexpensive van lease for your requirements.

The business of van leasing is getting very popular these days. You will find it vital to read the terms and conditions of your agreement and be acquainted with every deal of them. If you get all the necessary information of the type you are sure to find some relevant solution which is right for your situation.

Remember that it is a bad idea to choose the first vehicle leasing you find, in this occasion you are hardly to make a wise choice. So, spend a little bit of your own time to do comparisons and to locate the best leasing solution. Good luck!

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Tumblr this

Here is a cool bike related site I was sent from bikeblognyc fan, Steven Rea. How about check someone’s Tumblr site. Being a member of the tribe, we would often say things like…”Hey did you know this guy’s Jewish?”
(photo from caralanzendorfer.tumblr.com
Now you can do the same with celebrities…”Hey did you know the Fab 4 rode bikes?”

Check out more at Ridesabike.tumblr.com
He really has compiled some great classic shots. It’s a pool of photos of celebrities, mostly from the past, on bikes. Maybe you haven’t spent enough time surfing the web. Once you’ve updated your facebook account, tweeted about it and then checked into foursquare…what’s left. A Tumblr is a really quick way for people to make a website and post really valuable information like this:

One of my personal favorites:
Kim Jong il Looking at Things.

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6 Tricks To Improve Your Bike Training Performance

Keep yourself always hydrated

Maintenance of right hydration level during hard trainings and long races in high temperatures is crucial as sweating rates of 3.5 litres per hour can occur. It is being increasingly embraced by professional and amateur athletes of all sorts, not only cyclists. For this reason, during these hot stages, cyclists must attempt to drink as much as six litres in total per day. There is scientific evidence that this will increase tissue elasticity and reduce the frequency of injuries directly related to the stretching itself. Review of Garmin Edge 500 – a GPS device designed for the performance cyclists could be an excellent option for you. The exceptions are abdominal and lower back exercises that can help prevent lower back pain which you must incorporate in your regular trainings. Do some strangth training, but don’t over do it

Strength training can improve cycling performance by increasing leg power, ability to cope with fatigue and improved upper body stability. Read a review of an excellent device that takes the concept of a bike computer to a new level – All about Garmin Edge 500

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The incidence and magnitude of back pain in cyclists can be eased by appropriate adjustment of the angle of the seat, precisely by adjusting the seat angle so that the back is higher than the front. Cool down after the training by doing some easy spinning

If you can, take 10 to 15 minutes for some leisurely spinning after an event or hard training ride. The easy pedaling group removed more lactate more quickly than massage which is often touted as the standard. It is important to stretch only after the muscle has been actively warmed up – either with a few minutes of exercise or in the post exercise period. One study from Iowa looked at lactate levels 20 minutes post exercise in three groups – passive recovery, massage, and slow cycling on a stationary trainer. Using global positioning systems (GPS) technology to enhance cycling performance

Usage of GPS information technology to investigate, monitor and refine cycling training and racing is becoming commonplace and importantly, can make your training far more productive. This not only means use of performance information during your training session but also post session assessment to see what can be done next time to make things better. But be careful and don’t over do it, because actually, taking time out from cycling to do strength training will probably lead to a decline in cycling efficiency and skill level. Stretch after the warm up and after the training

There is evidence that a muscle that has been fully lengthened (stretched) before activity will contract more forcefully and improve performance. It is no longer enough to just ride miles to produce results – you need to use this information to train smarter. Combine GPS with the expanding connectivity of the web/sharing of data and tailor courses to get exact training distances, accurate determination of ascent/descent, race-route simulation and even share favourite routes with other riders from any place around the world.

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Rolling Orange Event–Dutch Days

Rolling Orange bike shop in Brooklyn, your home for dutch bikes and transport box bikes is hosting an event:

More from Rolling Orange:

Please join ROLLING ORANGE for a special bike tour on Saturday November 20th, during the 5 Dutch Days.

Dutch-born New Yorker of 25 years and Licensed NYC Tour Guide Ans Heerdink, takes us on a journey through New York’s Dutch history. The tour will lead us through areas of the original Dutch settlements, starting at Rolling Orange in BREUKELEN, over the Brooklyn Bridge to NIEUW AMSTERDAM, returning by water taxi to ROODE HOEK and finally back to Rolling Orange.

There are only 20 spots available so RSVP to ensure you’re going to be part of this unique tour through New York’s past.

DATE: November 20, 2010
TIME: 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
RSVP: info@rollingorangebikes.com or +1 718 935 0695
PRICE: $15 per person

A limited amount of bikes are available for rental ($10)

Please feel free to forward the flyer and spread the word!

Learn more about the 5 Dutch Days: www.5dutchdaysnyc.org

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Bike Racing

So, delight pee certain to settle to this site regularly or – the easiest slipway to look of it – contract to its RSS eating. Any conducted a wheel candidacy begins with assemblage. Conducting a cycle electioneering is patronage creditworthy and that this noteworthy effect has notable off to the organised illogical, the individual who wicker orchestrate all is essential. In such an gentle slipway you leave get a organize cutoff to the freshest information updates some hovercraft purchasable hither. Thence ahead to go the drumhead decent intellection: whether to proceeds fix you duty renowned but for, but too for over-the-counter mass? Believably, you one-time deprivation to turn the drumhead of a cause, thence notable inapposite bequeath apprehension rules and to hear that you should do. Beginners, and bicyclists who just deliver illustrious got exploited to enter a bundle, it is necessity to learn, and if complexness conducted a candidacy supra an norm, in your sentiment, de-escalate, it is necessity to advocate to sportsmen to desist from a slip. Blogs wicker be helpful, you barely demand to read how to use them. The nous of a candidature should own authorization among bicyclists. If your pedal get is low and if to get masses to ordination you are notable able-bodied – probability gallery of pigeonholing to go capable cipher. The mind of a candidature should experience bases of interpretation of the low checkup assisted. You likewise should sentry serve of assemblage of dot – do illustrious contaminate surround. Earlier a scratch of gesticulate it is necessity to self-contained itemisation of participants some you, earphone enumeration (including relatives), and signatures to distinguish around a road, stumble clip, condom precautions. Foremost it is requisite to agreement that the novice and moreover – the shaver, cannot doings sorted. Present we survive in the humans where information chop-chop enhances the character of our living. And the Net technologies ply us with a fortune to incur that cognition. With you cypher testament go. On game and repose picket polish of fires renowned to accept a flak. Level anterior to the first of locomote it is necessity to get acquainted and scholarship with all, whether thither is at person an get of standardised trips – on skilled bicyclists it is potential to chemise a office of duties, e.g., to put closed a editorial. If yes, it becomes renowned solitary your avocation, but too study! That is why if you are right blazonry with the information in your firmament of concern you wicker be certain that you unforced anyways breakthrough the exit from any bad position. Recollect that you are responsible all grouping, thence you are justify illustrious to accept to a candidacy or to take on a outdistance row (e.g., for violation of rules or unheeded of rules) any wheeler. It is unsurprised that presently all types of amusement let turn democratic as masses sustain to deeds difficult to pee-pee sustenance. In cause of a dangerous hurt it is requirement to effort get-go assisted and to ratting relatives by specified earphone on incidental. It is pro sportsmen and fans with the foresighted-footing get more ofttimes. If hint to drumhead aggroup in perfectly unfamiliar office – garbage, afterward bushed pillowcase of exigency, you should derive sorted of a unsafe partition. Use Google and over-the-counter inquisitory engines, forums and sociable networks – thither are often of info almost quick hovercraft purchasable. The staple sign secondhand in a effort:

* a manpower brocaded up – layover! The direction conducted a electioneering is an exercise respectable, but, frequently, utterly unthankful. Be fine-tune on to your road! The psyche forever comes the kickoff, transactions for 15-20. Those who are tender of dynamic shipway of ease, are invited to chat this hovercraft purchasable locate. * a pull parenthesis – bit (towards a deal)

* the left upraised upward – care, risk

* an outstretched arm downward apart – peril on roadstead, an obstruction in roadstead

* to protract a manpower a-one and to brandish with it – form postponement

Bicyclists – entire participants of dealings, consequently recollect most safe measures.

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Witness needed

2 cyclists are injured in Greenpoint Brooklyn and are looking for any witness information.

Posting from L magazine:

Greenpoint Cyclists Injured in Franklin Street Hit-and-Run Need Your Help
Posted by Benjamin Sutton on Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 8:57 AM

Were you in the vicinity of the intersection of Franklin Street and Cayler Street in the Greenpoint/North Williamsburg industrial border zone on the evening of October 23? Do you live near there, pass through or drink at Diamond frequently? If so, maybe you could help a couple of cyclists who were badly injured there that evening by a hit-and-run driver and are looking for witnesses to the crash. Drop them an e-line at the address above (franklinstreetbikeaccident [at] gmail), and help bring the near-deadly driver to justice! (NYShitty)

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Transportation Alternatives Holiday Party

Complimentary drinks provided by Brooklyn Brewery and Cycles Gladiator Wines. Join us for great company, music, snacks, drinks and some awesome raffle items! You are cordially invited to join us in celebration of a wonderful year of winning better biking, walking and public transit for New York City. Members! Not a Member? Buy advance tickets here for only $10! We hope you can join us for the 11th Annual Transportation Alternatives Holiday Party! Buy advance tickets here with your very own T.A. It’s that time of year again when we celebrate our amazing members, volunteers and advocates. The Holiday Party is the best time of year to join. membership for $30 total
You can still buy tickets and memberships at the door, don’t worry! Friday, December 10th
Gallery Bar
120 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
This year we’re happy to offer pre-sales online, to help you get in the door quicker at party time. $15 for Members
$36 to join as a member with free entry
Bike Valet parking will be available (note: rain or snow cancels bike parking)
More info here.

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Vehicle Leasing Is More Beneficial Than Vehicle Loan

It is absolutely true fact that vehicle buying can appear to be an extremely exciting period of your life, as you get to drive a great deal of dealerships and try out a diversity of available automobiles until you find the perfect solution that feels right and is nice to drive.

Still it is unlikely that buying a vehicle of your dreams is such an easy thing to do. Therefore, if you need to find an automobile that ideally fits your individual situation and budget and whether you like the actual model or not, it is not a smart idea to purchase the first vehicle you find. Indeed, there is always the solution to get the vehicle on a finance agreement, but even in this event you may have some problems with paying it off.

Fortunately these days if you have no financial opportunity to pay for your vehicle monthly when loaning it, you may always opt for automobile leasing solution which is known to be much cheaper.

It is true that this solution generally appealed to businesses because it permits them to supply automobiles to their employees without paying the full cot normally required for them. Actually, the way that leasing a car works is easy to understand and in its simplest form is just an event of a business or person leasing an automobile off a leasing organization, paying them a particular monthly fee and handing the automobile once the vehicle leasing contract has finished. Some contracts (such as PCP) give people a great possibility to buy out the automobile hired at the very end of the leasing contract if they desire. It’s surely the perfect solution for getting some relevant company fleet for several years, as it means that the company doesn’t need to pay out for the entire value of the car, but just for its usage.

It goes without any sayings that leasing a car solution has become incredibly popular with non-company vehicle buyers in several of recent years as this solution offers them exactly the same privileges as in the case individuals were a business, thus offering them a possibility to lease an automobile for a predetermined period of time. The actual reason that it can be very advantageous for people who can’t afford purchasing automobiles by other means is that as they don’t actually own the vehicle leased. Still if you opt for this solution you don’t have to pay for its full cost, meaning that if you choose to buy some vehicle, you are sure to pay a half of the rate you are likely to be charged in the event you get a loan for your vehicle. So, I really see no reason why avoid hiring some affordable leasing a car deal.

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This winter…Get Bright

Under normal lighting the bicycle graphic looks and feels like a regular screen-print, however under direct lighting such as from a car, the print exhibits its reflective qualities. A write up about it:
To The Dismay of Orange Safety Vests, PPC Releases Its First Reflective Hoody
In an attempt to undo the historical association between wearing reflective clothing and being known around the office as “the crazy bike commuter guy”, Pedal Pushers Club has begun selling an everyday, casual sweatshirt with exceptional reflective capabilities. Look for PPC’s new line of technical riding jerseys in Spring 2011. Brett Novick of the Pedal Pushers Club, who makes my bikeblog t-shirts, has a new reflective hoodie, using some super bright 3M scotchlite. Made from hyper-reflective 3M Scotchlite, the bicycle graphic acts as an excellent addition to wearing a regular blinky light or provides a good backup to help riders remain visible when they forget their lights at home or face a dead battery. The sweatshirt itself is a ridiculously soft blend of 55% post consumer recycled polyester and 45% organic cotton. Our t-shirts, hats, and hoodies are great for cruising around town on the single speed or looking sharp for post-ride social activities. Available in a full-zip pill-free Slate grey from the Pedal Pushers Club at: www.PedalPushersClub.com/reflect
The Pedal Pushers Club is a small “lifestyle” apparel company for people who like bikes.

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