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Bicycle Film Festival

The 10th annual Bicycle Film Festival is in San Francisco this weekend.

Here is an article form the San Francisco Chronicle about festival director Brendt Barbur and 10 years showcasing bike movies.
Bicycle Film Festival founding director Brendt Barbur can smell NYC, wants to sing. size

The idea for the Bicycle Film Festival festival came to founding director Brendt Barbur while he was recuperating from being doored in New York City back in 2000.

Ten years later, the fest pulls in about 300,000 people, and screening venues run the gamut, from the Barbican in London to a Seattle art gallery.

The festival hits San Francisco this week, and the movies will show in two venues: Mission Workshop at 40 Rondel St. and the old-timey Victoria Theater on 16th Street. The films screen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and various pre- and after-parties happen throughout the run, including a Kick Off Party on Wednesday at the Knock Out at 3223 Mission. The Kick Off party is free, and several DJs start the turntablism at 9 pm.

Read more: here.

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Rolling Orange Event–Dutch Days

Rolling Orange bike shop in Brooklyn, your home for dutch bikes and transport box bikes is hosting an event:

More from Rolling Orange:

Please join ROLLING ORANGE for a special bike tour on Saturday November 20th, during the 5 Dutch Days.

Dutch-born New Yorker of 25 years and Licensed NYC Tour Guide Ans Heerdink, takes us on a journey through New York’s Dutch history. The tour will lead us through areas of the original Dutch settlements, starting at Rolling Orange in BREUKELEN, over the Brooklyn Bridge to NIEUW AMSTERDAM, returning by water taxi to ROODE HOEK and finally back to Rolling Orange.

There are only 20 spots available so RSVP to ensure you’re going to be part of this unique tour through New York’s past.

DATE: November 20, 2010
TIME: 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
RSVP: info@rollingorangebikes.com or +1 718 935 0695
PRICE: $15 per person

A limited amount of bikes are available for rental ($10)

Please feel free to forward the flyer and spread the word!

Learn more about the 5 Dutch Days: www.5dutchdaysnyc.org

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Trash Messenger Bags

Trash Messenger Bags:

They got a new website:
Check it out!

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It is absolutely true fact that for companies and organizations, renewing their fleet of vehicles with a business vehicle lease is the ideal solution to finance new automobiles. They do a lot of good to spread the fees over the months and avoid a high lump sum having to be paid.

It is worth mentioning that financial annalists and bank managers will also consider the process of purchase of new automobiles through car leasing contracts as a positive issue of business longevity. This solution makes sense due to the fact that car-leasing facilities often include the automobile maintenance and servicing within the contract to, so you will enjoy saving money on running fees as well.

So what is in the benefit for business users?
It is worth mentioning that the monthly payments, along with offering you with a new automobile will also include general maintenance, servicing and routine maintenance, tyre replacing and exhausts. It is also worth mentioning that a great deal of the larger firms also provide roadside help with the likes of the RAC or AA and annual road taxing.

It is necessary to keep in your mind that vehicle dealers will rather often provide a dedicated accident manager altogether with a free telephone line for ordering appointments and repair services and a network of vehicles and picks to help business users.

The truth is that each and every automobile that is financed under a car leasing contract needs to have absolutely comprehensive cover and despite being capable to get vehicle at a preferential rate your insurance coverage rates will definitely be at the fullest rate. You might need to bear this in your mind when making your choice of the type of vehicle to hire.

It can also be very easy to take out an absolutely new vehicle leasing deal with some companies. Any way it is vital that you keep in your mind that there is the type of automobile you consider. The fact is that some of higher end vehicles that hold their costs, such as VW, BMW, or Audi will hardly depreciate as much during several years and will not offer you any sufficient savings over taking delivery of an absolutely new vehicle. These automobiles will represent a less appealing solution for those considering new offerings.

In any case, businesses users are sure to have great benefits of getting vehicles they need through car leasing deals as in this occasion they will find that under modern type market conditions, this most likely represents the most beneficial way to fund your business cars. Just be very attentive when making your choice of professional vehicle leasing company and determine your needs and expectations clearly. Leasing a vehicle is not any complicated if you know how to.

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Locking Up

Boston has two things that make locking up your cycle interesting. One, the weather, and two cycle thieves. Leaving your pedal locked up, outside, overnight, is a sure slipway to allow both of these forces to wreck your pedal. If you leave your cycle parked outside every night (even if it’s in your back yard) it is only a matter of time before either mother nature, or some mother fucker destroys or steals your wheel. Store your motorcycle IN YOUR APARTMENT. I well-educated it’s small, I intentional you don’t like the three story walk up, trust me, it is worth it. Keep your cycle safe and sound IN YOUR HOME.
So that pretty often covers what to do with your bicycle at night, what approximately when you are out on the town. Two words, U-Interlock (is that two words?). That thin little cable interlock you got, that’s not a Boston mesh. That thick cable mesh you let, likewise not a Boston curl. You motive a U-engage, a thick hard to cut, hard to bend, metal shackle that bolts to your cycle with a cross bar and a lockup. Anything less and you are asking for trouble. Likewise remember if you ringlet up your front wheel to something (even with a u-curl) thieves only bear to remove the front wheel and so wickerwork run off with the rest of the cycle. The same goes for good the back wheel. If you wicker, slide the u-interlock through a wheel and the frame, and if you are really life-threatening some keeping all the parts of your bicycle get a cable lockup to thread through the wheel that isn’t locked up. Besides interlock to something STRONG, locking your big hefty u-curl to a piddly ass chain link fence kind of defeats the point. You wicker besides go to any local wheel shop and get the agile release levers (the things that let thieves easily steal your wheels) replaced with harder to remove bolts, the same goes for the recreate release seat post things (honestly who adjusts the seat height often adequate to required this?). You wicker likewise put your U-lockup in your back rightfulness pocket while equitation for instant street cred points.

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Please join us this Friday, December 17th at 7pm for the hottest freezing cold bicycle caravan in the city (I’m pretty sure this is the only one on Friday, but still!). See you Friday! Got sent this from artist & biker Kim Burgas:
As temperatures dip into the teens here in New York, coworker and fellow winter cyclist Ms. Marcy Cruthirds and I decided that it is ABOUT DAMN TIME that we head out for a night on the town…on our bikes. Text me (513) 519-6515 and I’ll update you with our location. -Kim See the attached invite for more info. While the city may be well below freezing, it is always hot on a bike. Forward to anyone you know who won’t let a little cold get in their way of having a damn good time or who needs a serious kick in their arse. The evening will include gallery hopping, ice skating, cocoa sipping, alcohol drinking, and dancing (oh yea, and biking). Make sure to bring: lights, locks, helmets, gloves and money for skating ($13). Can’t make it right at 7?

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It is absolutely true fact that in the event you need some automobile for everyday use buying it is not the best solution you may have. Actually there are plenty of opportunities you may opt for. At the same time, if you don’t want to select an automobile lease contract without wanting to get the most beneficial terms and conditions for you. With a particular monthly vehicle lease, you are committed to purchasing a particular amount of money for your vehicle, dependent on automobile leasing rates. In some events, your auto lease value is going to be higher than the actual worth of the automobile you get through it. This is the actual reason why you are strongly recommended to get the best rates for your car leasing.

First of all I strongly recommend you to have a quick research online using the keywords like “car lease deals 2011″. Actually, this way you will easily find some deals that are being provided by car leasing companies. The fact that there are plenty of car leasers is very beneficial as this way the best terms for buying a vehicle will be offered. The more companies offer services, more they are struggling to sell vehicles in pretty tough economic times. In the end, you will have a great possibility to get incredibly favorable terms and conditions for your automobile leasing by a little bit of shopping around, especially in the World Wide Web.

When you search for car leasing solutions online, you are doubtlessly helping yourself get more relevant monthly automobile lease terms. With such beneficial terms, you will not required to pay as much, and you will have a splendid opportunity to spend more money on some other things such as paying off debt or saving some money for vacations or for a house. In the case you have the advantageous car leasing rates that you are searching for, things are getting considerably better for you when you are paying back the vehicle leased. For instance, you can have a pretty high interest rate, and that makes it more complicated for you to pay the vehicle lease back. If it is difficult to pay the vehicle leasing back, then you might potentially default on it, which in its turn will then wreck your credit and make you to have much higher interest rates in the nearest future.

Keep in your mind that vehicle leasing may be pretty beneficial as this is a great chance to have a vehicle of your own, pay lower rates monthly and have a right to change your vehicle to some better in several years as the contract is usually signed up for three or five years. This is the great news, indeed!

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Chrome Bags goes Metal

26). Death or glory,
Corinne-Chrome Bags
Chrome NYC store-238 Mulberry Street-Manhattan. You can check out the product page for more information and images, here: www.chromebagsstore.com/bags/messenger-bags/citizen-bag—motorhead-ltd.html. Just wanted to send a quick heads up on the launch of our metal-strong, limited edition Motörhead Citizen messenger bag which fans can grab starting Black Friday (this Friday, Nov. a message form my favorite bag company:

Happy Heavy Metal Holidays! Motorhead. It was an honor to be asked by the godfather of heavy metal to collaborate on this project, and we hope that you’ll join us in celebrating one of the most iconic rock bands of all time.

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Electric Bike

Think for one minute a distinctive years in the mall of a mod metropolis. What do you sightedness?

You likely beholding lots of masses, try lot of noises and lashings of lovingness stuck in a ne’er concluded snarl-up.

You likely besides sightedness over-the-counter multitude equitation their bike, they are in a lots amend locating, they are affected.

So you sightedness a new animal, you eyesight somebody on a pedal qualifying everyone really secure, at outset you don’t realize how he does it, he is distillery a humanity on a pedal, but one mo dessert you recognise that he has an galvanizing wheel.

He wickerwork bicycle if he cherished but he doesn’t get to, he leaves all the former buns (in a identical refined and calm shipway) and ambit razz terminus without breakage a exertion.

Thither, naturally, he doesn’t needful to hunting for an expensive park, he wickerwork good engage razzing bicycles someplace close by, whorl the shelling or proceeds it with him for recharging and uphold on with raspberry animation, but with one gravid reward – he scarce save an hr and he did it with oodles of fun.

The aim of this site is to enclose you with the humanity of electrical bicycles and every former galvanising fomite which doesn’t ask any license, indemnity or stipendiary any over-the-counter taxes. You bequeath be directional stepwise on everything thither is to experience around it. Portion of the topics that testament be presented are:

Thawing Creation: A reanimate launching to get you comrade with the galvanizing bike mankind.
Benefits: Read what are the advantages for you and for you environs.
Construction: Boilersuit overview of the unlike parts – for beginners and pros.
Types: What are the mold that existent in the merchandising.
Choosing: Recognise how to select the about desirable simulation for your necessarily.
Sustentation: Right to winning sway of your pedal.
Reviews: Particularisation reviews astir unlike kinds of bicycles and kits.
Concepts: What are the modish intentional? What is the adjacent big matter?
Homemade: How to habitus your own e-wheel.
Roughly the earth: Predictions, statistics, newsworthiness and more.
If you are hither, you well-nigh belike dearest equitation bicycles, but thither are multiplication when you plausibly good lacking to reaching your address as shortly as potential.

The galvanic pedal wicker consecrate you all of this.

You wickerwork wheel on a endearing gay years, ambit your goal truehearted at a meddling workday or treadle and use the drive unitedly for enjoying both worlds.

I am an devouring galvanizing bike fan. In my persuasion, the web is absent decent sober and helpful data around electrical bicycles.

Thus, I determinative to probe this matter and part my feel and cognition with you, on with insights, approximately the man newsworthiness, loose to agreement explanations and the virtually dispatch listing of galvanizing bicycles stigmatization humankind wide-cut.

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It goes without any objection that the facility of leasing an automobile is the best choice you can ever make, but the problem is that people opting for this facility seldom know what this process involves. So in this article I will share some tips to make your vehicle leasing easy and smooth.
1. Capitalized Rate
It is worth mentioning that the capitalized rate is generally the reduced selling cost that the dealer is utilizing to calculate your monthly fees. If it’s a relevant car leasing deal, then the capitalized rate will be considerably lower than the MSRP. Remember that the lower capitalized rate, the lower your monthly lease fees.

Generally, MSRP refers for the term of manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This is generally a marked up option of the invoice cost which is what the dealer are to pays the manufacturer of the vehicle to put the automobile on the lot. It is essential to always compare the MSRP of an automobile considered to its invoice rate to get to know if the solution you are option for is really any beneficial.

3. Residual Value
It is also worth mentioning that the residual value of car leasing is a percentage or a dollar amount that represents the projected cost of a vehicle after a specific amount of months or years. It is normally set by the finance company that offers your leasing contract and cannot be changed for any reasons. When searching for a relevant automobile to lease, you are always to seek automobiles with high residual costs. Vehicles with higher residual rates have lower monthly payments and this is pretty beneficial for those people who cannot afford paying high fees due to financial problems. In fact, you may use a vehicle lease calculator to get to know how variations in residual rates increase or decrease leasing payments you are to pay monthly.

4. Money Factor
This term is generally treated as the interest rate in car leasing. The money factor is to be a small numeric sum that is to be comparable to the interest rates acceptable for automobile loans. You are to understand the way to convert money factors available with a particular vehicle leasing company into interest rates to get an idea of how much the auto dealer is requiring you to pay in finance fees for your leasing contract. Actually in order to get the equivalent rate, you need to take the money factor offered and then multiply it by 2400. After that it is necessary to compare this cost to the interest rates acceptable for clients interested in financing an automobile. In the case rates are close, everything is ok and leasing solution is fair.

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