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Tiny’s Sandwich Shop (129 Rivington Street) is offering up to $6 off of their delicious sandwiches when you donate $25 and over at the store. In Cranksgiving, riders race around Manhattan purchasing Thanksgiving dinner ingredients at designated grocery stores, arriving at the finish line with a bag full of food to be donated to various charities. Last year’s Cranksgiving helped feed over 100 families through Saint Mary’s soup kitchen on the Lower East Side, City Harvest and the New York Bike Messenger Foundation. This year’s race features unparalleled opportunities to donate, even before the ride! Finally, if you can’t make the ride or get to any of the donation locations, go to www.cranksgiving.org to pledge to the Cranksgiving fund, benefiting City Harvest and the New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation. This year, as more and more people find themselves in desperate times, Cranksgiving hopes to step it up and smash all previous records. Also, inn conjunction with the race, Hipstamatic is donating $1 to Cranksgiving for every photo uploaded to http://community.hipstamatic.com/contests/24. Tomorrow is the annual Cranksgiving, a charity fun ride to raise money and food donations for the hungry. To more learn more about Cranksgiving, visit cranksgiving.org Cranksgiving is a race, but riders of all abilities and stripes come out to participate in the fun! Bring a bag, some money, and a good lock, as this year’s prizes include messenger bags from Bailey Works, MER, Seagull and Chrome, $150 gift certificates for 5.10 shoes, A Torker Cargo T bike donated by Brooklyn Bike and Board, as well as 3 $100 gift certificates courtesy of the Gilt group, to be redeemed at Gilt.com. Here are some nice details written by the fine folks at the NY Bike Jumble: (there is also a contest in here)

Cranksgiving 12
The 12th Annual Bicycle Street Race to Benefit Saint Mary’s Soup Kitchen and City Harvest
On November 20th, 2010 at 2:00pm in Tompkins Square Park, over 200 cyclists will gather to begin the twelfth annual Cranksgiving, a charitable ‘alleycat’ bicycle street ride.

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Leasing A Vehicle Is A Great Choice

It is absolutely true fact that these days great deals of different businesses and even consumers are making their attempts to opt for vehicle leasing instead of purchasing an automobile. At the same time automobile leasing firms are stepping up to their new confidence by providing their clients with incredibly competitive terms. Indeed, there is no compromise in the efficiency and quality of services offered.

The credit loans along with the economic defaults had a pretty negative effect on jobs and different types of business too, therefore people are trying their best to do all possible to reduce their debt at least a little bit. A good solution to cut this debt is by finding some affordable a car van leasing rather than making commitments to buying some automobile.

Fortunately these days you will get a great new automobile but without the buying contract terms and conditions and you have a possibility even to change your vehicle after your lease contract comes to its end. Common type arrangements involve an initial fee to lease the van or other vehicle over two years or for some longer period of time, it is up to you what solution to opt for. It is true that some people like changing their automobiles quite frequently and some prefer to buy out an automobile in the end of the contract. It all depends on your choice. So, it is essential that you do a little bit of research prior to choosing anything.

It is also worth mentioning that you have a possibility to take car that is forecourt-fresh or even opt for some used automobile. In addition you have a possibility to even specify the mileage you desire from the automobile when you talk to the van leasing dealer. The terms and conditions offered when leasing a user vehicle are commonly cheaper than leasing for a new one. You will be capable to add on maintenance services on to your vehicle leasing term so you will enjoy replacing your tyres prior to the time they wear out, which is more beneficial than having to pay out when they get insufficient.

You might find van leasing is a top solution for you right now, as they generally have very beneficial reviews from auto industries top experts and have affordable prices on the right type of agreement. Loads of clients that are satisfied are the people who have leased a van for the first time and as the most recent studies show these people are willing to recommend leasing a vehicle to a friend over buying one. Therefore, the truth is simple, leasing a vehicle is a great choice. So, do your research and find the most beneficial company right now.

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Unforced put this as simply as I wicker. You well-educated where you grew up in Iowa, the place that had endless flat expanses of nothing but corn and soybeans? You well-educated how you used to ride your cycle some all years long and ne’er beholding another car? This is not Iowa. You leave be in the streets with hundreds of lovingness, crazy suicidal pedestrians, opening doors, bus and truck dealings, dogs, cats, and once I even saw a boat, wear your freaking helmet. I wise it doesn’t look “cool” I well-read it doesn’t match your hipster jeans, I intentional you don’t wishing to ruin your hair, so what. When you get your skull cracked open because grandma determinative it was her turn to walk into the streets and you being the nice person that you are, ran into that parked car while dodging her, you uncoerced be really thankful you had that helmet on.
All that being said, you volition almost ne’er ever pauperization your helmet, in fact equitation your cycle in Boston is astir as dangerous as walking roughly in Boston, but trust me, that one time when you do pauperization it, you are going to be really happy you bear it on (so, by the shipway, unforced your mother).

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The velodrome will first have to compete with other proposals including a $5 million public boathouse and a $2.4 million biosculpture. There’s national caliber racing in this neighborhood already.”
Read more here. Check out this article in the Greenpoint Gazette:
A Velodrome for Greenpoint? Utilizing a $7 million design competition for waterfront improvements in the neighborhood, Williamsburg-based Affinity Cycles owner Jason Gallacher and national cycling champion Andrew LaCorte have joined forces to create a proposal for a velodrome, or championship cycling track, on a city-owned lot on Commercial Street. “Our (Affinity Cycle’s) team has three national champions and one Olympic hopeful. However, the track could potentially be a reality in as little as two years. “There’s a real need for this because there’s such a strong cycling culture here,” said Gallacher. size
Nov 27, 2010 by McCarton Ackerman
North Brooklyn has become synonymous with bike riding in recent years, but a new plan for a velodrome in Greenpoint would bring the cycling craze to a whole other level.

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Forget the Grammy’s, the Oscars or that Dumb Country Music award show…
This weekend…get Golden.

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Cheap Recumbent Trikes

A tadpole recumbent trike is a remarkable cycle ..
In case you have not seen a tadpole it is a tricycle with two wheels on the front and one wheel on the back . The rider sits on a chair like seat in back of the two front wheels .If you would like to see some example look at some of the pictures here Tadpole trike

Commercial recumbent tadpoles are readily available from many famous manufacturers ,
Unfortunately there price tag is quite high. With prices rising into the many thousands of Dollars.

Lately some less expensive models have come on the market from Asia manufacturers. These sometimes can be found online for between eight hundred and one thousand dollars.

One option is to roll your own. People have successfully built there model of trike . There is no one correct way of constructing a recumbent tadpole trike. Different materials have been used to build tadpoles over the years. Wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber have all been tried.

I have constructed many Tadpole recumbent trikes from a variety of materials. Personally I prefer used bike pieces and black iron pipe, chrome molly are other good options.

The front end design is the key to a successful tadpole trike design. I settled on a simple type of front end made of old bike front end parts and pipe fittings. You can see lots of detail of my frame design on my website gigatrike.com.
Driving a tadpole is an almost indescribable experience. A good one handles like a very responsive go cart, and is far more stable then a Delta trike. Pedaling is a pleasure using your stomach muscles.

The recumbent sitting position is both comfortable and efficient . You will find that it provides very little resistance to the wind , unlike a conventional upright bike.Recumbents in general are faster then most upright designs..

Some people with various disabilities including but not limited to back problems find riding recumbent s in general and tadpole trikes in particular possible when riding a conventional upright bike impossible. This has given the wonder-full sport of cycling back to many.

About the Author; To learn more about how to build tadpole recumbent trikes and many other of my hopefully interesting projects please check out my website Recumbent tadpole trike

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It is absolutely true fact that for companies and organizations, renewing their fleet of vehicles with a business vehicle lease is the ideal solution to finance new automobiles. They do a lot of good to spread the fees over the months and avoid a high lump sum having to be paid.

It is worth mentioning that financial annalists and bank managers will also consider the process of purchase of new automobiles through car leasing contracts as a positive issue of business longevity. This solution makes sense due to the fact that car-leasing facilities often include the automobile maintenance and servicing within the contract to, so you will enjoy saving money on running fees as well.

So what is in the benefit for business users?
It is worth mentioning that the monthly payments, along with offering you with a new automobile will also include general maintenance, servicing and routine maintenance, tyre replacing and exhausts. It is also worth mentioning that a great deal of the larger firms also provide roadside help with the likes of the RAC or AA and annual road taxing.

It is necessary to keep in your mind that vehicle dealers will rather often provide a dedicated accident manager altogether with a free telephone line for ordering appointments and repair services and a network of vehicles and picks to help business users.

The truth is that each and every automobile that is financed under a car leasing contract needs to have absolutely comprehensive cover and despite being capable to get vehicle at a preferential rate your insurance coverage rates will definitely be at the fullest rate. You might need to bear this in your mind when making your choice of the type of vehicle to hire.

It can also be very easy to take out an absolutely new vehicle leasing deal with some companies. Any way it is vital that you keep in your mind that there is the type of automobile you consider. The fact is that some of higher end vehicles that hold their costs, such as VW, BMW, or Audi will hardly depreciate as much during several years and will not offer you any sufficient savings over taking delivery of an absolutely new vehicle. These automobiles will represent a less appealing solution for those considering new offerings.

In any case, businesses users are sure to have great benefits of getting vehicles they need through car leasing deals as in this occasion they will find that under modern type market conditions, this most likely represents the most beneficial way to fund your business cars. Just be very attentive when making your choice of professional vehicle leasing company and determine your needs and expectations clearly. Leasing a vehicle is not any complicated if you know how to.

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Marble is relatively porous by nature, it’s got tendency to take in some things that are dripped on to it. Usually persons inappropriately use acids, or tough cleaning materials to clean up these stains a result of permeable character of marble, resulting in scrapes. These scratches on your marble will lead into the loss of attractiveness of this natural stone and incur pricey maintenance.

Marble polishing completed correctly entails cleaning and polishing marble back to its authentic state. Americans have hugeadmiration with regard to organic stone, particularly granite, limestone, and marble, with marble mostly as the overpowering choice. It arrives in a vast end of hues and patterns, and with all the technical innovations in current years; it really is significantly easier to Cory and finish. And in addition, marble features develop into very cost competitive and in many instances man-made stone will price additional than marble does.

Marble polishing in and of itself can be a complicated task, there are numerous stone contractors who use a basic crystallizing agent in your ground that appears fantastic for a couple of months, after which it slowly eats away in the marbles composite, this is not how one goes about correctly cleansing and polishing are each floors. When you are marble surfaces have lost their luster and develop into boring and drab marble cleansing or polishing by itself won’t adequately restore it back to a like new condition.

A expert marble tile restoration Dallas, Plano provider is properly trained can get rid of scratches inside the marble by performing what’s known as diamond polishing. Again, you do not wish to use a marble restoration corporation that uses the crystallization approach. Crystallization is just a fast and easy remedy which will price you after the chemicals eat absent at the minerals along with the shine fades, then you’ll be paying a considerable amount a lot more cash to get a full restoration career.

Attempting a DIY marble polishing project can prove to be a daunting task. Not all marble polishes will operate on all forms of marble. Marble polishes that have acrylic polyurethane finishes must be avoided at all costs. In the similar vein some men and women are already known to make use of wax on marble believing that it can polish as well as shield; this is just untrue and will need to be avoided by any means costs. Marble being a calcite based mostly stone is delicate to vinegar, tomato, tomato sauce, bleach, lemon, coffee, urine, vomit and many family cleaners. If it all possible these microfiber cloths when cleaning marble. Cleaning your marble correctly is instrumental in sustaining a stone cold beautiful marble surface. Steer clear of scrubbing marble as well.

Heaven Sent Floor Care has been voted since the #1 stone restoration firm in North Texas. If you are seeking the most experienced marble tile cleaning Dallas, Plano company plus the DFW area call 214-763-8832 or visit www.heavensentfloorcare.com/marble.html

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NEW YORK – Martinez Gallery presents an exhibition at Brooklyn Bike and Board, which will be converted into a gallery by the Dutch design team Kaptein Roodnat. Ten ma jor graffiti ‘kings’ have created 10 original works using bikes as their walls and trains. Case2 used to ‘piece’ the trains — paint the cars top to bottom — in the 1970s and ‘80s “just so I
could see my name go by.” The work in this show lets him and his fellow artists/vandals drive the train and show their work throughout the city.

Even before they were painted, all the bikes in the show met Brooklyn B&B owner Brian Gluck’s vision of beauty through function. “Bicycles are machines that should make your life easier and improve your livelihood. Like those stupid little short handlebars… they don’t make any sense. You’re not going to fit in between cars that are narrower than your
hips and shoulders anyway. They’re not functional, they’re dysfunctional.” Most of the store’s bikes have been recycled from “ancient rustbuckets brought back to life.”

Graffiti kings painting well-designed bikes, however, layers new form onto function. The show celebrates transforma tion, from rusty junk to refurbished bike to art object. It also celebrates mobility, accessibility, and freedom. Look at any courier and that package in your hands for proof that a bike can get you around the city faster than a car or a subway.
And now that a monthly MetroCard costs more than 100 bucks, workers of all collars are opting for bike commuting.

Derelict – cast-off bikes – meets derelict – repeat offender artist — in RE: CYCLES. Ironically, they meet in rapidly gen trifying Prospect Heights – but it’s an irony entirely appro priate for bicycles. Originally a plaything of the rich, bicycles are now the livelihood of the delivery guy, the cardio workout of the hedge fund trader, and the great hope of urban
green movements.

Similarly, graffiti confounds art as a rich man’s game. It steals its canvas from the city, and its geniuses land in jail. (Graffiti is a felony.) Two DIY cultures merge in RE: CYCLE, resulting in art that gets you around. Gluck says of painted bikes, “You don’t have to spend $400 on a wheel set to look cool or to look ‘custom’ (and, usually, like everyone else).
The sharpies and spray paint used on these bikes are accessible to anyone and will make your bike a piece of art.” And that piece is always moving, always visible.

To showcase the mobility and to fill the gap left by museums prevented from showing art by criminals, the show will roll up one day each week in front of various cultural and civic institutions, including MOMA, the Met, the Guggenheim, and the Whitney Museum.

MOSCO (Mexico City)
RATE (Boston)
SINER (Los Angeles)
WITNES (Los Angeles)

RE:CYCLES is on view 13 November – 31 January 2011,
Tuesdays – Sundays 9AM – 9PM / Martinez Gallery
c/o Brooklyn Bike & Board, 560 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, 212-619-2149, staff@martinezgallery.com

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Staten Island Update

Father Capodanno was a vital, solid connection between the sharrows-marked route on Bay Street leading to the ferry and New Dorp roads Midland Ave and North and South Railroad Ave. Read the whole article here. The three-mile lane is one of the longest bike lanes of Staten Island, which has a mere disconnected handful in comparison to the other boroughs. Her article:
Bicycle lane removed from Father Capodanno Blvd on Staten Island size
By Meredith Sladek
NY Bicycle Transportation, Examiner.com * November 18th, 2010 10:03 am ET
The DOT took a backslide today in their committment to a more sustainable New York City, as they released their decision to remove the bicycle lane from the layout of Father Capodanno Blvd on Staten Island after the road’s recent re-pavement, as reported in today’s Staten Island Advance. Already the most limited borough to ride in, this only makes matters worse. DOT intends to turn the northbound side into a bus lane, and the inland southbound side into a turning and parking lane. It looks like the DOT is not putting back vital bike lanes on a well traveled route on the Island. Our on-the-spot reporter, Meredith Sladek, writes about bike related issues, mostly in Staten Island where she resides.

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