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Recycle-A-Bicycle’s Sweet Sixteen

For More Information:
Recycle-A-Bicycle: 35 Pearl Street Dumbo, Brooklyn – 718.858.2972
The Powerhouse Arena: 37 Main Street Dumbo, Brooklyn – 718.666.3049 –
For more information, please contact Pasqualina Azzarello: 718-858-2972 or director@recycleabicycle.org
Facebook Event Page All contributions are greatly appreciated. In the past year alone, RAB worked with more than 1,000 young people who collectively built 500 bicycles, pedaled 10,000 miles, and burned 1,750,000 calories. Enjoy an evening of Dutch Bikes, Vintage Kids Bikes, and Recycled Bicycle Crafts! Celebrate in style with complementary inner tube bow ties, spoke flower corsages, and bicycle drivers licenses! When: Wednesday December 15, 2010 from 6:30-9:30pm
Where: The Powerhouse Arena @ 37 Main Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn
Admission Price/ Metals of Honor:
All tickets include entry, delicious food, and drink. $20 Steel
$50 High Tensile Steel
$100 Stainless Steel
$250 Alloy = Bike Maintenance Class
$500 Aluminum = 2 Bike Maintenance Classes
$1,000 Chrome = Free Winter Bike Storage
$5,000 Chromoly = Bike Tour for Ten
$10,000 Titanium = NY400 Batavus Bicycle
Tickets/Contributions: For advance ticket purchases, please visit our website, click the “donate” button, include your name and contact information, and designate your donation as “Celebration”. You can also make a donation through our website by clicking the “donate” button on our homepage. RAB is turning 16 and they are having a winter celebration:

It’s Recycle-A-Bicycle’s Sweet Sixteen! Through innovative programs such as Earn-A-Bike, Ride Club, Cycle Craft, and Summer Youth Employment Program, RAB is dedicated to the health, development, and empowerment of NYC youth. On average, RAB salvages 1,200 bicycles each year from the waste stream, diverting a total of 36,000 pounds of waste from NYC’s landfills. All tickets $50+ come with a special RAB t-shirt! Purchase a bike from the NY400 Batavus Bike Fleet or win a chance to travel home on a bike signed by one of our favorite artists and cycling advocates, David Byrne! Directions: F Train to York (Exit station, take right on Jay Street, left on Front Street, right on Main Street) -or- A/C Train to High (Exit station at Cadman Plaza, walk across park, left on Washington Street, left on Front Street, right on Main Street)
RECYCLE-A-BICYCLE: Recycle-A-Bicycle is a community-based bike shop and non-profit organization that facilitates educational/job training programs and encourages environmental stewardship. If you are unable to attend the celebration but would like to make a contribution, please send a check made payable to Recycle-A-Bicycle to 35 Pearl Street Brooklyn, NY 11201.

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Our goal is to create a world class Velodrome and a cycling center for NYC with a crit coarse and BMX park. Please show your support for the Velodrome and vote tomorrow December 2nd from 3 – 8pm, at PS 34, 131 Norman Ave. Saw this on Affinity Cycles blog:

Tomorrow is the big day! (near McGuinness Blvd.), Greenpoint Brooklyn. We are working on the proposals now and there’s been press about the project in the Brooklyn Paper and the Greenpoint Gazzette. The Velodrome is one of these projects and we need your support. Again its Thursday December 2nd from 3 – 8pm, at PS 34, 131 Norman Ave. The proposed Velodrome and Cycling center project will hopefully be in Greenpoint Brooklyn at the MTA lot on 65 Commercial Street. The city has set the voting date for the selected project finalists to decide who will receive the 6 million dollars of funding which the Newtown Creek Water treatment plant has to pay out for damages its caused to the Greenpoint area. (near McGuinness Blvd.), Greenpoint Brooklyn. Come rally tomorrow in support for this promising opportunity for all cyclists!!

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Liquids are banned from being brought with you onto the airplane in your carry on luggage. If you purchase a drink from a sterile restaurant or shopping store, past airport security, you will need to consume your drink before you begin boarding for your flight. Have you recently tried catching a flight? While a number of new rules have been implemented, there are a few that may have a direct impact on you and how you pack your bags. When attempting to determine which liquid items are prohibited from being stored in your carryon luggage, it is best to examine these items in different categories. When it comes to cosmetics, all items are made of liquid are prohibited from being stored in your carryon luggage, even your purse. These items include, but are not limited to jello, soup, pudding, and yogurt. Want to find out more about downhill mountain bike gear, then visit my site on how to choose the best mountain biking gear for your needs. When it comes to food, you’ll also find that, like most beverages, items with liquid in them are banned. You can also bring onboard other non prescription products, including those needed for eye care; however, they must be no larger than four ounces in size. If not, are you planning to do so in the future? This means that you need to remove all mascara, liquid foundation, lip gloss, and other liquid based cosmetics from your carryon luggage. This ban does not prohibit you from brining these items with you; it just means that you have to place them in your checked baggage. Other beauty items include shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, styling gel, mouthwash, and toothpaste. By keeping the above mentioned information in mind, you should be able to prepare for your flight without having to be worried about airport security checkpoints. These items may include saline solution and eye drops. Airport security will likely verify that your name matches the name on the prescription bottle. When it comes to drinks, the only drinks, allowed on the airplane with you and other travelers is infant formula or milk based products for babies. It’s because this new ban means that a lot of items are now only allowed in bags that’ll be checked upon arrival at the airport. However, there are some exceptions to this new airline travel rule. As long as you properly pack you bags, you shouldn’t experience any problems with airport security. For skincare, these items include hand lotions, hand sanitizers, and moisturizing creams. Since most individuals, including men, women, and children, fly with some sort of liquid, there is a good chance that you’ll want to alter your packing habits. That new rule is a ban on all liquids. These items are the safest and most convenient to have when snacking aboard an airplane. If so, there’s a chance that you will notice some changes when you fly, those chances include new air travel rules. As you can easily see, there are an unlimited number of products, with a gel or liquid base, that you must place in your checked baggage. When examining the liquid ban, it is important to remember one thing. While you can bring these items onboard, there’s a good chance that they will be closely examined. You are allowed to bring liquid medication onboard an airplane with you, as long as the medication is prescribed to you. In addition to beauty and health products, there are a fairly large number of food and drink items that you must either leave at home, discard before you enter the airport security area, or pack in your checked luggage. If you need to have food or snacks with you, you will want to purchase something from the airport vending machines or bring a small, dry snack from home. If you are planning of flying, whether it be tomorrow or in two months, you’re advised to fully research and examine this new air travel ban. Many of the most popular items that are now included in the liquid air travel ban include health and beauty products, specially those that are liquid or gel based. Another exception includes eye care products and medications. For beverages, this includes all liquid beverages, even those that are not opened. Bloggers who are want to get more information about the niche of 0 car finance, then make sure to check out the site that is mentioned in this passage. In fact, you can find too many items for you to individually learn about.

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December Bike Shorts

More info at bikeshortfilms.com Think again. Too cold for bike shorts?

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of the law firm Miller and Zois, sent me this article about recent statistics which demonstrates how verdicts on cycling injury cases points to a bias against cyclists. Read more here. Lawyer Ron V. Miller Jr.

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It goes without any objection that automobile leasing is fast changing these days. Therefore it is becoming the funding method of choice for both private users and small businesses. Even in the case the entire concept of car leasing isn’t clearly understood, the attraction of having a new car without any needs to visit plenty of dealerships is great. All you need to do is to simply collect your new vehicle from your door and at the end of a fixed period give it back. Still many vehicle owners wonder what are the benefits and disadvantages of the process of vehicle leasing.

Making The Entire Process Of Vehicle Leasing Easy
The basic benefit of automobile leasing, as it was already mentioned is related to the fact that the automobile is never owned by you and therefore you have a possibility to effectively hire it on a long term basis. This way you will be required just to give your vehicle back in the end of lasing period.

Money Saving Opportunity
It is undisputable fact that most vehicle manufacturers will offer bonus costs to the car leasing company so that the buying price is a lot lower than if the same vehicle were purchased outright personally. This is surely the greatest way auto leasing can work out less expensive than ownership and bearing the depreciation yourself. In fact considerably smaller deposit is required with personal automobile leasing.

Tax Benefits Are Obvious
It is necessary to admit that for small businesses there are also pretty advantageous tax facilities to car leasing especially if the vehicle is chosen with the relevant CO2 emissions. Keep in your mind that if you are VAT registered you are likely to be provided a possibility to reclaim half of the VAT as a leased vehicle owner.

Pitfalls Associated With Vehicle Leasing Facilities
Anyway nothing can be perfect. There are doubtlessly some pitfalls of automobile leasing you are strongly recommended to keep in mind when making your final choice. The prime fact is that it is a fixed contract and it is pretty uneasy and time consuming to change the vehicle you use early. Most automobile leasing companies will charge about 50% of all the rentals if you intend to hand the automobile back before your contract comes in its final stage. At the same time some of vehicle leasing companies as much as 100%!

Another great pitfall in car leasing is the excess mileage charge which is quiet frequently mentioned issue. Remember that if you give your automobile back with more miles than on the contract, the automobile leasing company will ask you to pay an excess mileage charge. So, be very attentive when deciding on the amount of miles you can afford. It is better to buy extra miles beforehand than to pay fines.

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When one is using performance monitors someone needs to know how to make the best out of the device. Just following the user’s manual is a good way to make sure that one uses the device properly and in accordance to the manufacturers guidelines, but these instructions are standardized and thus one needs to know a few tricks here and there.

The first major limitation of most monitors is memory. The challenge is that the device has limited storage space for all the key points that one covers during a cycling, especially if it has to record key points consequently. Some people opt to empty the data out of their performance monitor before each outdoor adventure while others recommend the extraction after one comes back from the cycling. Using compatible software on the computer one will easily back up data every now and then. So before one buys a performance monitor device one needs to look into the performance of the device by analyzing the product reviews that have been posted by different websites.

When one is searching for a device reviews one needs to be specific about the device in their search, for instance typing ‘Garmin edge 500’ or ‘Garmin edge 500 review’ in any search engine one will get many reviews and news about the Garmin edge 500. Once one has got the information on the monitor one can then proceed to inspect the product specifications of the performance monitor and try as much as possible to make the right choice in buying or upgrading.

Searching for a performance monitor one might be forced to try as much as possible to get the device that is compatible with most computers. The problem with some of the devices is that they are not compatible with most operating systems. To remedy this problem one might upgrade the monitoring device operating system on the condition that it has a connection port to the computer. One might also think of investing in a performance monitor that can be upgraded.

Therefore looking into the product reviews such as the Garmin Edge 500 Review and specifications is a must before one invests in performance monitor. One of the most sought after devices is the Garmin Edge 500 – this device is compatible with most computers running on windows operating system.

One should also look for a device that is easy to operate and read at the same time, thus a digital device will be better for giving conclusive data, though there has always been an issue with the accuracy of the previous performance maintenance monitors. One should look into investing in a device that one can easily operate to avoid malfunctions or failures due to incompetent handling.

Have a great training with Garmin!

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Cheap Recumbent Trikes

A tadpole recumbent trike is a remarkable cycle ..
In case you have not seen a tadpole it is a tricycle with two wheels on the front and one wheel on the back . The rider sits on a chair like seat in back of the two front wheels .If you would like to see some example look at some of the pictures here Tadpole trike

Commercial recumbent tadpoles are readily available from many famous manufacturers ,
Unfortunately there price tag is quite high. With prices rising into the many thousands of Dollars.

Lately some less expensive models have come on the market from Asia manufacturers. These sometimes can be found online for between eight hundred and one thousand dollars.

One option is to roll your own. People have successfully built there model of trike . There is no one correct way of constructing a recumbent tadpole trike. Different materials have been used to build tadpoles over the years. Wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber have all been tried.

I have constructed many Tadpole recumbent trikes from a variety of materials. Personally I prefer used bike pieces and black iron pipe, chrome molly are other good options.

The front end design is the key to a successful tadpole trike design. I settled on a simple type of front end made of old bike front end parts and pipe fittings. You can see lots of detail of my frame design on my website gigatrike.com.
Driving a tadpole is an almost indescribable experience. A good one handles like a very responsive go cart, and is far more stable then a Delta trike. Pedaling is a pleasure using your stomach muscles.

The recumbent sitting position is both comfortable and efficient . You will find that it provides very little resistance to the wind , unlike a conventional upright bike.Recumbents in general are faster then most upright designs..

Some people with various disabilities including but not limited to back problems find riding recumbent s in general and tadpole trikes in particular possible when riding a conventional upright bike impossible. This has given the wonder-full sport of cycling back to many.

About the Author; To learn more about how to build tadpole recumbent trikes and many other of my hopefully interesting projects please check out my website Recumbent tadpole trike

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It goes without any sayings that all people want to get as much as they can for the most affordable cost just possible in the situation they are in. That is the reason why everybody looks for more beneficial deals, sales and advantages. All people try to save as much money as it is possible so that the money can be utilized elsewhere. Anyway, it seems that the great majority of people are making absolutely no attempts to save money with their cars. Personally I consider that the process of getting vehicles is right the time to save a little bit. When you are searching for the most affordable automobile leasing facilities, why deciding on the dealership when you may start your car leasing in the network of the WWW?

The good news is that the network of the World Wide Web has completely changed the world for better. Indeed, these days it is getting much easier for people to search for any information they need that deals they want and the leasing rates for different types of vehicles that they want. On the WWW, there are numerous car leasing companies that you may choose from. It is natural that you will want to get a leasing contract from a vehicle distributing company in your locality, and the good news is that this is not any complicated these days. Many car companies even willingly give special deals to clients who go online needing car lease facilities, rather than opting for a dealership.

Another great facility that is offered with car leasing trough the World Wide Web is that you have a great possibility to find the cheapest vehicle lease available. This process is generally called vehicle lease transferring or swapping. This is considered to be a pretty advantageous thing in the case someone cannot afford a vehicle lease anymore, they might either default the contract paying a considerable penalty, or they have a great opportunity to transfer the lease to some other customer.

It is worth mentioning that many people wonder if leasing a vehicle is any better than purchasing it? Actually, in the event you are leasing an automobile, you are getting the best deal. You don’t have to pay as much, you don’t need to use the vehicle for as long, and you are sure to have more favorable and beneficial terms on your agreement.

It is absolutely true fact that consumers always want to find the most beneficial deal and cheapest automobile lease they can. Everyone wants to save a good deal of money and this is easy with professional car leasing companies which can be easily find if you do a little bit of research and compare solutions you are offered. Have a new vehicle for cheap right now!

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It is true that for those people that are getting a new automobile, they may find that selecting some personal vehicle leasing is a great financing option that fits their needs and requirements perfectly. There is a great diversity of reasons that a person might make this own choice, which will be considered in this short article. While not all might apply to your particular financial situation and needs, you are likely to be able to identify several solutions that seem to be quite relevant, and that will do a lot of good for you to make your choice about car leasing.

This solution is a great possibility for a person who is on a limited amount of money to be able to have a vehicle of his own where he knows for sure that fixed costs will be charged every month. This is doubtlessly pretty beneficial as the price you pay will not greatly influence your monthly budget.

By getting a personal car leasing facility, you not just know the monthly costs but the annual rates such as the road fund licensing which are included within the first year of the automobile leasing contract, as well as funders are mentioned within the lease taken. In this occasion the automobile leased will be still covered by a full warranty offered by manufacturer, which is hardly less than twelve months, and is in the majority of cases lasts over 36 months. When it comes to private automobile leasing, it likely will also contain manufacturer’s breakdown and roadside help coverage, which is generally about twelve months.

It is worth mentioning that for people who receive a monthly permit from the employer to cover the value of their automobile, having the solution of personal car leasing is an easy way to assist with the value of the automobile. They are sure to receive a good sum of their payments from their allowance. Indeed, with the allowance from your employer it gets much easier to handle a contract within the driver’s financial capacities. Anyway it is natural that one of the greatest benefits when it comes to car leasingis the ability to buy at the end of the leasing contract, or return your used vehicle and get a new leasing contract, or just leave the hired vehicle leasing organization completely.

When you are considering personal vehicle leasing facility, there are some issues you need to ensure you are aware of before you head to the dealership. If you are not completely sure if you remember your concerns and questions, it is essential that you make sure you write them down prior to the moment you head out. It is true that some people feel quite intimated when at the car dealership.

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