Some of you might be surp¬rised to discover that the electric motor is a far older invention than the internal combustion motor that powers the majority of cars on the road today. The technology was already in an advanced stage when the petrol powered motor exploded onto the scene, and pushed the electric motor into the shadows. The main problem back then was a suitable storage area for the electricity, and with recent developments in batteries, mainly spurred on by the desire for widespread electric powered cars, the electric bicycle is ready to take the world by storm.

An electric bike is surprisingly similar underneath to a conventional bike. The same handlebars, chain, gears and brakes can be seen on either, but the e-bike has a few nifty little add-ons. A motor sits on the rear hub, the battery perching on the rear carrier rack. With this basic addition, the battery can help you do some of the harder work, while still allowing you to ride it like a conventional bicycle.

There are many easily identifiable benefits of getting an electric bike. Those previously daunting hills can be conquered with ease. When you are getting to the end of your ride, and are getting tired, you can raise the assistance level to make it more bearable. And of course, there is the economical side as well. With petrol prices constantly rising, especially with the recent Middle East unrest, there has never been a better time to cut down on those car journeys. Remember, the only cost the user has to bear is when charging the battery at home.

What, some ask, is the point of a bicycle you don’t have to pedal? Most people do not buy a bike for the sole purpose of exercising. Do the lycra clad cyclists who ride 50 miles at the weekends do that for exercise? Partly yes, but if it was the sole reason, then surely they would rather sit in a gym, and not worry about flat tires, fluctuating weather, or getting hit by a car.

Imagine if other sports started to frown on people trying to use technology to their benefit. People popping down to the golf course would be sneered at for using a buggy, tenpin bowlers would be ridiculed for using the automated scoring system, and car drivers with ABS, traction control and all manner of driver assists would be scorned.

The electric bike’s emergence onto the market has created an incredible opportunity in the bicycle world. They re-open biking to all of those people with fond memories of riding a bike as a kid but view the conventional bike as too daunting when faced with a hill or headwind. The electric bike is about to save the faltering bicycle market, and now is the time to see what an e-bike can do for you.

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